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The English College Girls-U16B 19.0-10.0 GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis (WSO) Girls-U16A
The English College Girls-U16B 23.0-9.0 School of Research Science (SRS) Girls-U16A
GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis (WSO) Girls-U16A 16.5-12.5 Latifa School for Girls
GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis (WSO) Girls-U16A 8.5-8.0 Latifa School for Girls Girls-U16B
School of Research Science (SRS) Girls-U16A 15.0-14.0 Latifa School for Girls
Dubai College Girls-U16A 19.0-6.5 DASSA Finals
Cambridge International School, CIS Dubai Girls-U16A 11.5-4.0 Latifa School for Girls Girls-U16B
The English College Girls-U16B 10.0-5.5 Cambridge International School, CIS Dubai Girls-U16A
Dubai College Girls-U16A 20.0-5.0 Dubai British School (DBS)
School of Research Science (SRS) Girls-U16A 17.5-14.5 Latifa School for Girls Girls-U16B

Upcoming Fixtures

...(upcoming 10, uploaded via FixturesPRO)
14 Apr 15 - Nord Anglia International School Girls-U14A v Sharjah English School (SES) Girls-U14B
14 Apr 15 - GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis (WSO) Girls-U14B v Dubai College Girls-U14C
14 Apr 15 - Dubai College Girls-U14B v The English College
14 Apr 15 - Horizon International School, Dubai Girls-U14A v Latifa School for Girls Girls-U14B
14 Apr 15 - Sharjah English School (SES) Girls-U14A v Jumeirah College, Dubai
14 Apr 15 - Deira International School, Dubai Girls-U14A v Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) Girls-U14B
14 Apr 15 - Repton School, Dubai Girls-U14A v Dubai English Speaking College (DESC)
14 Apr 15 - Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS Ranches) Girls-U14A v Latifa School for Girls
14 Apr 15 - Emirates International School, EIS Jumeirah Girls-U14A v Wellington International School
14 Apr 15 - Cambridge International School, CIS Dubai Girls-U14B v School of Research Science (SRS) Girls-U14A

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Dubai British School (DBS)
Girls-U18A 2014-2015

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